vrijdag 17 april 2009

The heavy boys are landed

Dear all,

Yesterday we had a safe and fine journey and arrived at 22.30 in Butare.
Heavy guys as we are, we passed the customs with more than a 100 kg in total, but it gave less trouble as expected. At 18.45 we arrived at Kigali airport (with all our luggage!) and our Rwandese PhD (Omar) was already waiting there for us, bringing us to Butare by car in the dark African night.
In Butare, we went first to the university to see our 'office' and afterward we were dropped in a far too big house (big walls with a gate, a guard with enormous machete, a garden and a big villa with a lot of rooms and locks (even the fridge is lockable!)) where we are planned to stay for the coming 3.5 months. There are enough rooms and beds, so feel free to come along, we should say!
After a too short but good night, we went to the field early today and we have seen Rwanda by light for the first time. A lot of gazing and staring people (especially children), a lot of farmers and crops (maize, rice, bananas, sweet potato, fisheries etc.) and yes also some rivers...
So far so good!

We hope to add some photo's soon!

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  1. Heey Harmen en Rutger
    Echt heel indrukwekkend om jullie verhalen te lezen!! Veel plezier nog en ik kijk uit naar het volgende stukje/ foto's.
    Liefs Karlien